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I think the piece is a little thinner than I expected but my girls hang out from their rear view mirror so it works out.
I bought the robe for the winter because last winter I was missing the one I usually used. I did put it on and it was very insulated so that is good.
It's ok. It's cheap and you get cheap quality tees.
Great shirts for the money!!
Priced right. Good quality
I like all the different bracelets in the set but one bracelet lost a stone the very first time I wore it.
Without going into too much detail, I will say that these are my absolute favorite boxer briefs hands down. I rarely notice these on during the day when I wear them, and they don't bunch or ride up during the day. Also swamp crotch is a thing of the past, as I am noticeably cooler during the day and require far fewer adjustments! Hopefully CK won't discontinue these as I am a frequent flyer of this product.
Made this purchase for a trip to Africa. It was easy to carry and easy access to papers, passport and wallet.
This is a nice casual bracelet that works well for the everyday. I believe I will wear it often. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 out of 5 is because the actual length of the bracelet includes the clasp and it's not available in other lengths. I actually would do better with a 7 1/2 inch, so I put an extender on it.
The price too ex for the quality.personal not so nice
I like it because it fits all my cards, and its slim to fit my pocket even when it has money or extra stuff in it.
The matierial feels strong however they are a bit uncomfortable to be honest but should cause no harm whatsoever good choice for underwear as they are also properly stitched and designed.
Fit well, wear well, wash well
Great service, high quality material and details for the price.
Pretty color, fits well
Love them. They are a lot better quality than I expected
Great quality hat.
I wear for work. I work in a cooler and this layered with my work uniform keeps me warm...
Nice thick leather. One piece. No stitching or bonding to come apart. Fit is perfect. Flexible enough to wear every day. Very good product. Sturdy buckle. Well pleased.
My daughter and her best friend love it. Its super cute.
definitely will buy again!
Perfect fit
Quality is not good. Already coming apart in places.
I did not like the glasses
they are too dark .
I spend a lot of time in the car
When I drive I need to look at my phone for directions and I cannot read my phone
This bag is exactly what I wanted. It's security features were what sold me on the purse. But this bag has so much more. The zippered compartments are perfect for carrying all the essentials & the extras I like to have with me. It is well made with quality materials. The outside fabric is durab!e. Inside fabric is a contrasting color so contents are easily seen. The zippers all work well with no hang ups. The adjustabe cross body strap is very sturdy and secure. The only thing I added was a purse organizer for quick purse changes. The back zipper section is just the right size for my 7" Fire Tablet too. I'll probably buy one or two more in other colors.
My husband loved the socks -- and he is very picky! :)